By Josie Whitehead

Christmas Index

There’s another Christmas on its way –

     I’m losing count of which.

My money then will all be spent.

     I never will be rich.


Before that date I’ve lots to do:

     I’ve pies and cakes to bake.

I’ll send the cards, then wrap the gifts

     And decorate the cake.


I’ll clean the house, then buy the food

    And push and shove in shops.

I’ve a tree to buy and fairy lights.  

    The work, it never stops!


Candles are lit, some carols sung

     And Christmas music played.

The children get excited and

     my nerves are quickly frayed.


Queues in shops just grow and grow.

     There's nowhere left to park.

The cold winds blow, the rain comes down

      And days are short and dark.


So, let's go to church and celebrate

      The coming of our King.

Let’s sing and pray and stop to think

     Of many a wondrous thing.


Now stuff the turkey, peel the sprouts

     And make the brandy sauce.

Hand out gifts and wash the plates

     With not much time to pause.


The television’s loud and clear

     And drinks are passed around.

Games are played, the chocolate scoffed

      And snoring starts to sound.


"Now sit you down and raise your glass.

      Let's drink a toast to Mum.

You do deserve a well-earned rest.

      Come join us in the fun."


Well Christmas day is over now.  

     My family were well-fed.

With the telly off and lights all out,

      I’ll wend my way to bed.


I think as I seek peace at last:

      “Another Christmas gone!”

I tell myself there are twelve months

      Before another one!”


Copyright on all my poems

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