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All covered in soot from his head to his toe,

With a sooty old beard, out there in the snow.

     With a sleigh and some reindeer - what a pitiful sight!

     What a strange thing I saw late upon Christmas night.


With a sack full of presents, resting under the trees,

Whilst the snow gently fell on a northerly breeze;

     With a map in one hand and his glasses to read -

     He looked up and saw me but took little heed.


He beckoned to me from the garden below,

And I went down to help him out there in the snow.

     When I opened the door though - Oh what a surprise!

     There was no sign of Santa to gladden the eyes.


Not a footprint or sound - not a reindeer in sight -

So was it a strange dream I’d had on that night?

    But next day when I looked at the garden again,

    The snow had been cleared by some drizzly rain.


A parcel was sitting out there in the cold

With a lovely blue ribbon and paper of gold.

       The label said clearly:  “Especially for you -

        With love from Old Santa.”  Oh yes, it’s quite true.



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