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Willie Mouse lived alone in his cage in a house.

    And with children, he had a good life,

But mice are not happy to live on their own

   So the children bought Willie a wife.


Sweet Millie Mouse then moved into his life.

    They played on the wheel and did tricks.

The children one day had a big shock in store

     When they found that two mice became six.


Four babies were born.  Oh their parents were proud.

     Millie cuddled them down in her nest.

Two were pure white whilst two were brown mice.

      It was hard to choose which was the best.


Willie and Millie both cared for them well.

     The young mice were all loved so much.

The children were told: “You must leave them alone!

    With small babies, it’s best not to touch.”


One day, when they’re bigger, they’ll go to new homes:

      Could you give a home to four mice?

They are sociable pets – entertaining as well.

      Well the ones that I had were all nice.


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Willie and Millie Mice - Heading Animal Poems for Children Heading Josie's Voice Recording

Willie and Millie Mice are quite famous you know.  Not only were they chosen for publication, to go in my Josie's Poems "Nature Poems" book, but they were pictured on the front cover of this book.  Unfortunately this book is no longer published as my publisher sold his business to a company who do not publish children's poems, but why worry?  You can always find these two little mice and their children on this page.  Josie