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The moon makes its appearance

    When the sun goes out of sight.

So watch the summer skyline

    And see who comes out at night.


It’s playtime now for creatures

    Who spend their days in bed.

They don’t just come to play you know.

    They’re hoping to be fed.


The owls, the bats and little mice

    Come out when all is still.

Just listen and you’ll hear them,

    Their voices soft and shrill.


The owls’ big eyes watch out for mice

    And do the bats want these?

“No – What we like to eat for lunch

    Are tasty insects please.”


When the dawn begins to break,

    They hurry back to bed.

It's then your mother calls to you –

    And it’s your turn to be fed.


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Why not make this poem a centrepiece on your classroom wall and bring a picture of all the night creatures that you can to surround it?  Josie

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