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Well hello Mr Lobster

    With your pair of powerful claws;

Your armour-like protective shell

    And several pairs of jaws.


Now since you do not have a nose –

     Is it possible for you to smell?

Have you lots of sense organs

    Deep down inside your shell?


And tell me, do you have a tongue

    And have you ears to hear?

“Well, to tell the truth I haven’t, though

     I haven’t much to fear –


Yes, I’ve lots and lots of sense organs

    Which serve me really well

And my life is a contented one

    Beneath the ocean swell.


“I’ve many hair-like sensors that

    Send back messages to me –

Believe me, yes I do have them

     But they’re much too small to see


My nerves receive the signals that

    These little bristles send -

Signals which are vital and

    On which my life depends.


“You asked me how a lobster breathes?  

    Well see my tiny gills?

Look they’re here upon my ankles,

    And with oxygen they fill.


They extract it from the sea water

    And feed it to my blood,

Whilst I get on with other things,

    Like ploughing through this mud.”


So, tell me Mr Lobster please

    What things you like to eat?

We humans like our vegetables,

    Sweet fruit and also meat.


“Well lobsters are not fussy –

     They’ll eat anything they find.

We eat fresh food and also things

    Which others leave behind.


“To protect ourselves from predators,

    We lobsters march in rows.

Whilst birds prefer to fly in flocks,

    As everybody knows.


The fish swim safely in their schools –

    And what do humans do?

Hmm! It’s you who catch we lobsters

     And then put us in your stew!!”


Yes, well, sorry Mr Lobster,

    So run quickly on your way

And thank you for the useful things

    You’ve taught us all today.


Keep well away from humans now.

     I must admit we’re cruel.

So you get back to your sea world

    And I’ll head back to school.


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