Sea Poems

Upon the beach, beneath the sun

A much loved task has just begun.

    A castle’s shape is carefully planned

    And sculptured from the golden sand.


The little bucket’s gently filled

With golden sand by one who’s skilled

    At making castles on this shore -

    A task that most young folk adore.


The sand’s too soft but this child knows

That to the sea she now must go,

     And gently add some salted sea

     To bind the sand, as you will see.


She then taps down the golden sand -

Three little taps from her small hand -

    Then over goes the bucket quick

    And speed is needed for this trick.


Another tap from her and see -

A work of art you will agree.

     Garnished now with pebbles bright,

     Her castle is a splendid sight.


The distant sea is keeping clear

Within its own appointed sphere,

     But wavelets now begin to sweep

     And, like a thief, they quietly creep.


The ocean’s distant roar is clear,

But this child works with little fear,

     She knows full well its dreadful deeds

     But sculptures on with little heed.


The seagulls cry from far on high

And circle in the clear blue sky.

     They watch below this small girl’s fun.

     Their screams applaud the work she’s done.


“Come, see the castle that I’ve made!”

Her parents come and see displayed

     A castle fit for many a Queen,

     In fact the best one ever seen.



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