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People thronged the busy streets

    And voices filled the air -

Families sought a good night’s rest

    And shut the door on care.


Donkeys found a resting place

    And owners went to bed

Restaurant owners closed their doors

    As people left, well-fed.


Innkeepers began to yawn -

    And off to bed they went.

Lots of money had changed hands

    With plenty being spent.


The noisy town began to hush

    And candles were snuffed out

And you could walk along those streets

      With no-one much about.


The darkened streets were strangely lit

    By a bright star in the sky

And if you’d looked you’d have seen

    Some angels far up high.


Within the quietness of this town

    A tiny voice cried out -

An infant child, just newly born

    Let out his tiny shout.


The angels sang from far on high

    And shepherds looked with fear.

Wise men travelled to this place

    For it was very clear


That the son of God had come to earth

      To teach us all goodwill -

And yet, two thousand years since then,

     We're dropping bombs that kill.


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