"I'm tired," said poor old Santa Claus.

    "I'm tired and also old

And why should I work all night long

    Alone and in the cold?"


"I'm tired," poor Santa said again

    And yawned and thought ahead:

"And why should I go out to work

    When others are in bed?"


"I'm tired," said poor old Santa Claus,

    And waved an angry fist.

"The children all want more and more.

    Now you look at this list."


His poor old wife looked at the list.

    "Ooooh greedy pup!" she said.

"And why should you fly through the sky,

    When YOU should be in bed?"


So tell me, what could Santa do?

    Don't ring me on your phones!

Well, Mrs Santa had a think - - - - -

    And bought a fleet of drones.


So when you lie awake in bed

    And listen for a sleigh - - - - Shhhhh -

Perhaps your presents may arrive

    In a slightly different way.


A million Santa drones set off

   And through the skies they sweep,

BUT . . .  Santa and his reindeer too

    Will spend the night asleep.


Copyright on all my poems 






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