When Rudolph was a little fawn

  He wasn’t always good.

His mother taught him frequently

  The things she knew she should.


But Rudolph was adventurous

    And often ran away.

Then off he’d shoot into the night

    To ask the stars to play.


The stars soon got to know him well,

     And liked this little fawn.

They watched him as he ran and played

    And went back home at dawn.


Rudolf’s mother worried though.

    She knew that when he grew,

Her youngest son had work to learn –

    And a special job to do.


She told him that he’d pull a sleigh

    With lots of heavy toys.

“You’ll be helping Santa take them round

     To all good girls and boys.”


His mother told him all these things,

   But she’d nothing much to fear,

For her small son grew up to be

   A leader amongst deer.


He’d played at night amongst the stars

    And knew the starlit sky,

He’d looked down at the city streets

    And watched the world go by.


The friendly stars had guided him

    If he ever lost his way,

So he was just the very deer

    To help pull Santa’s sleigh.


He worked for very many years.

     He brought  gifts to me  and you.

Now Rudolph’s son is learning what

     All reindeer have to do.


When you’re in bed on Christmas Eve,

    Asleep, with eyes closed tight,

Rudolph’s son and reindeer friends

     Will travel through the night.


Copyright on all my poems


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