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Deep within an English wood,

    Beneath a tall green tree,

Lived little Minnie Woodmouse

    And her family of three:


There was Freddie Mouse, Billie Mouse

    And sister Jenny too,

And the story that I'll tell you now

    Is absolutely true.


It was on a sunny August day

    Whilst playing by a stream,

They saw a lively character

    Dressed in a coat of green.


He was dancing on the river bank

    In dainty little clogs.

When the mice asked: “Who are you?”

    He said: “My name is Frog.”


They saw a farm across the fields

    And here the three mice strayed

And in the pleasant summer sun

    For many hours they played.


An animal quite pink and fat

    Performed a lively jig.

Then with a grunt he proudly said:

    “The farmer calls me Pig.”


A threatening cloud came in the sky.

    “Will there be a storm?”

“Come, hurry to the farmer’s barn.

    We must stay dry and warm.”


The farmer’s cat came in the barn

    And soon put paid to that.

Oh, they didn’t wait to ask him

    If his name was Pussy Cat.


Their Mum had warned them of this cat,

    And off they quickly ran.

"Come, let’s get home to Mummy Mouse

     As swiftly as we can."


She asked them what they’d done and seen

    And if they'd had some fun.

They told her of the farmer’s cat

    And how they’d had to run.


“Cats,” said Mum, "are dangerous

     To all we tiny mice.

They hide and then they pounce on us.

    Oh no!  That isn’t nice.”


“Tomorrow you stay in our wood.

    There’s much to do and see,

But beware of Mr Tawny Owl

    Who lives up in the tree.”


Copyright on all my poems


Chosen by teachers and children for publication in 2010.  This poem was then called:  "The Little Mice Three" and is in my Josie's Poems "Nature Poems". -  Josie

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