What fun we all had when we went to West Bay:

We had sunshine and sandcastles all through the day.

     We had waves that came rolling from faraway lands

      And had seashells and buckets and -  don’t forget sand.


What fun we all had when we went to West Bay.

I had cousins to play with in those pleasurable days.

      I had aunties and uncles and Mum and Dad too -

      And, if I can remember, a sky always blue.


What fun we all had as we splashed in the sea -

My aunties, my uncles, my cousins and me.

      We hunted for shells which the sea had washed clean

      And I made a grand sandcastle fit for a queen.


What fun we all had - and we shared what we ate.

Oh yes, picnics are good and you don’t need a plate,

      But like all days of fun, the time quickly went by

      And we packed up our things and we gave a small sigh -


Then early next morning we went back again

But - oh typical Britain - for down came the rain.

     Then mackerel boats came fully laden with fish

     Although our fish and chips we preferred in a dish.


My summers at Bridport cannot be the same

And the time moving forward must surely take blame,

     But a snapshot of those days will stay in my heart

     And those memory snapshots are great works of art.


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