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Was that the sound of sleigh bells

     From up there in the sky?

Did the sound come from a distance -

    Or was it just nearby?


Did you hear a gentle thudding

     As a sleigh came down to rest?

Well, who comes round on Christmas Eve?

     Perhaps you may have guessed.


Did you hear somebody struggling

     In the chimney of your house?

Well who would make a sound like that?

     For certain, not a mouse.


Did you hear those heavy footsteps

   That moved across the floor?

Perhaps you quietly crept downstairs

     And peeped around the door.


Or did you stay, quite still in bed,

     Pretending that you slept,

For Santa might peep in at you

      As round your house he crept?


But then the comfort of your bed

    Encouraged you to sleep,

And hours went by before you woke

     And went downstairs to peep -


And, underneath your Christmas tree,

     With needles sharp and green,

In Christmas paper, what were there

     All waiting to be seen?


Christmas presents - lots of them -

     Which shows you were quite right

For Santa hadn’t crossed you off

     His Christmas list last night.


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