Let’s remember Christ in Christmas

    As we celebrate his birth.

We’ll think about the life he led

    In his days upon this earth.


He was born, not as a rich man,

    Or in a palace like a king,

Yet, for his welcome to our world

    God’s angels came to sing.


His goals were not as ours are -

    To pass exams at school.

He never owned a house in fact,

    And never came to rule.


His parents both were poor folk.

    His father worked with wood

And Jesus was a carpenter,

    A trade considered good.


He never travelled far from home

    As people do today.

He spoke of love and caring,

    And he taught us how to pray.


These words which Jesus taught us,

     That should fill our human minds

Are: “Love your neighbour as yourself

     And care for all mankind.”


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*This was one of 400 of my poems chosen by teachers across West Yorkshire for publication in 2010.  In fact it was published in two books.

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