I am a cat, both proud and sleek,

So pay attention whilst I speak.

    I converse through  mews and purrs

    And I’m covered by two layers of fur.


I’m not the dog who hangs at heel,

Whose eyes a human heart can steal.

    I’m not a bird with dulcet tones

    But a feline whose life is my own.


My hearing’s good; I’ve ears that turn;

And my private life is my concern.

    At night my vision’s sparkling clear,

    And I venture forth with little fear.


I’ve powerful muscles in my tail,

And gripping claws that never fail

    To grasp and hold my tiny prey.

    There’s purrrfect pleasure in kill-play.


With hunting over, home I go,

And sometimes take my kill to show

    The cat I am, with skills superb.


            Now, curled in sleep . . .


                    DO NOT DISTURB!



Copyright on all my poems




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