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A pebble sits upon a beach,

    The sea washing its face.

Waves beat down with forceful strength

    Then draw back in disgrace.


The sun shines down to give it warmth,

    The gulls call from above,

But who do you think then comes along

    To render it some love?


Two children walk along this beach

    And seek a pebble bright.

“I’ve found one,” calls the little girl:

    “This one’s exactly right.”


The pebble's grasped within her hand,

    Her eyes smile down with pride

And the pretty pebble, quite unloved,

    Feels warmth deep down inside.


“Look!  It’s such a pretty stone!”

    She says and smiles with joy

And then she puts this lovely stone

    In the hand of the small boy.


“It’s just a pebble!” the boy says,

    And throws it out to sea

And the little girl cries sadly out:

     “But it belonged to me.”


“It wasn’t yours to throw away.

    I chose it.  It was mine!        

I loved the colour of my stone -

  Its smoothness and its shine!


The pebble, now back in the sea,

    Is thrashed within the deep,

But, knowing he was loved one day,

    Is a thought he’ll always keep.


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