A hippo walked into a clinic

   With a face that would cause you to scream.

“You really must help me please doctor.

     I need something to boost my esteem.”


“My bottom’s too big” cried the hippo,

   “And a face-lift would help me as well.

I think that I need some white feathers.

   And please rid me of this awful smell!”


“My mouth is too large and too ugly.

    And people say that I look like a freak -

I'd like something a little more charming

    And I thought of a lovely long beak.


“My feet are not suited to water,

    So I’ll take some webbed feet if you please.

Two would be better than four though,

    For then I could sit in the trees.


The doctor looked straight at his patient:

    “This is a tall order indeed.

But given my time and my patience

   I think I might surely succeed.”


The surgeon was willing and able -

    A man of renown in New York.

He tirelessly worked on the hippo,

  Transforming him into a stork.          

                             – Boom boom!



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