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Pet mice are quite nice.

    Do you have a pet mouse?

They like living with humans,

     In a cage in your house.


Pet mice are quite nice

    Just doing their tricks,

But they don’t live alone -

    You need five, perhaps six.


Pet mice are quite nice,

    Though they sleep in the day;

But at night when it’s dark

    They wake up and play.


Pet mice are quite nice

    If you don’t have a cat,

For your mice might get less

    Whilst your cat becomes fat.


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I do believe that cats and dogs understand their owners.  We have had our cats and dogs living happily with our pet mice and budgerigars.  You just have to teach them to leave them alone - and they soon learn that they, too are part of the family, as well as they are.  Our black persian cat, Tommy, used to sleep in the same cupboard as our budgies, behind their cages.  He never touched them and they were best friends for many years.  Be careful, though.  All cats are not the same.  Josie  - - - Read my poem:  The Cat, the Dog and the Bantams Three

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