Tell me -


What sorts of things might have panda appeal?

Well, what might a panda enjoy for a meal?

   Are there plenty of pandas, or are these bears rare?

   Are they solitary animals or like being a pair?


Their favourite food, which starts with a "b" - -

Is it a plant, or a flower, a hedge or a tree?

   And where do they live?  In a forest or plain?

   And tell me which country?  China or Spain?


Pandas have ways of human hearts stealing,

So what makes a panda especially appealing? -

    Its soft furry coat, or its gigantic size?

    I love for certain its black panda eyes!


Pandas are rare and their futures unsure

Which is sad for a bear with such an allure.

    We should care for these bears, we surely all feel -

    Our black and white giants with their panda appeal.



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World Wildlife Org Giant Pandas

Some answers, but you can read a lot about pandas if you go to the links above:


Pandas are large bears, who, unfortunately are on the endangered list and therefore are given special attention.  They love bamboo.  It is their main food, although they can eat a little of some other things.  They must eat a lot of bamboo to give them energy because it is a low energy food and they are big animals, so this is why you see them either gnawing their bamboo or lying back sleeping.  No, they don't like living in families and are happy living alone.  They come from China and pandas like living in forests which have plenty of bamboo for them to eat.  

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