My father’s donkey’s rather lame

    And stumbles over stones

But when Dad leaves him in the field

    He’s unhappy and he groans.


A braying donkey’s not a sound

    The neighbours like to hear.

It tends to get upon their nerves,

    And is deafening to the ear.


So the donkey follows Dad around

    Whilst hobbling all the way,

But a wonky donkey’s better than

    The one who sadly brays.


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WONKY:  Definition:  Unsteady, unstable, wobbly.  

Why do you think I chose the word "WONKY" rather than one of these words?  Come on.  This is a poem that R - - - - S - so these words r - - - -.


rickety;  lurch;  disabled; stagger


Make sure that you also know the above words also.  


Explain the two apostrophes in the first line of the poem.  

Which of the two rhyming words have completely different spellings for the vowel-sounds?  Learn.


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