'Where do you go to, old travelling man?

      Oh, where do you go to?' said I.

'I must travel the world over land and the sea –

    And must journey far up in the sky.'


'Where do you go to, old travelling man,

    And what do you see on your way?'

'I’ll trek the night sky, high up with the stars

    For tomorrow will be Christmas day.'


'And so what do you carry with you in those sacks?

    Oh what do you carry old man?'

'It’s presents for children.  They’re waiting for these.

      I must leave just as soon as I can.'


'With my reindeer to help me, and my map in my hand,

      I will circle the world with my sleigh,

And with six willing reindeer, I’ll work through the night,

     So that children get gifts Christmas Day.'



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