I’m sorry to say there’s no room at my inn.

It’s already too full and you cannot come in.

     I am busy in here and I’ve more things to do

     Than to make a small space for such people as you.


So go on your way now.  Don’t stand there with tears,

For I’m shutting my heart and I’m closing my ears.

     Don’t tell me you’re lonely - no family or friends -

     For I’ve many more things to which I must attend.


Don’t say that you’ve travelled from lands far away

And don’t look at me now faces filled with dismay.

     Just give me one reason to care how you feel!

     Kindness and sharing?  Come on now - get real!


Yet I look at your eyes.  You’re as human as I.

It’s love that you’re seeking.  Come now, don’t cry.

    I’ve a barn going free - it’s not quite a hotel -

    But it’s the best I can do, for I’m human as well.


Copyright on all my poems


Published by AMS Educational Ltd in 2010.  Not in print now but you can use it in your class via this website of course.  Josie


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By Josie Whitehead