Sea Poems Calm and still

The sea’s a mighty monster

   Who likes roaming round our globe.

He carries fish and coral reefs

   Inside his watery robe.


Sometimes he slumbers in the sun –

   Perhaps you’ll hear him snore -

But listen out, for when he’s cross,

   His voice you can’t ignore.


His angry waves crash on the beach;

    His hands thrash out in vain.

As if to join the irate scene,

   The clouds send down their rain.


The wind joins in the argument

   And ships are tossed about.

Then lightning streaks across the sky

   And thunder starts to shout.


At times this monster’s gentle

   And you’d think it wasn’t true

That he had been so furious

      Now all is calm and blue.


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Sea Heading Mighty Monster (The) - Heading In the Wash Riding the Rough Rollers Far From Our Coral Home A Merman Grieves

I hope you like this poem.  It was published in 2010 (Nature Poems) - and was chosen as one of almost 400 poems by teachers and children across West Yorkshire.  Josie