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In summer, in a rocky cove, as waves beat on the shore,

A merman sits upon a rock and listens to its roar.

    Away from human life he sits, his life unlike our own.

    Exploitation, power and wealth - to him they’re things unknown.


He gazes at the distant town - a world where humans dwell.

It shelters not the quiet sea-folk who live beneath the swell.

    He’s seen the damage caused by man - his sea-world torn apart -

    And the harm done to marine wildlife must surely break his heart.


The oceans of our world, his home, have had their hearts torn out.

Polluted, overfished are they, by man, there is no doubt.

    We fill our ocean beds with waste - with plastics and with oil.

    The home wherein marine life lives it seems mankind must spoil.


The coral reefs within his world now die beneath the waves.

Their brightly coloured fish have gone; the sandy bed, their graves.

    They slaughter sharks, rip off their fins, to make their shark-fin soup.

    To deeds like this, the quiet merfolk would never ever stoop.


Huge nets now trawl his ocean home to gather all beneath  

And a world, completely ruined by man, is what mankind bequeaths.

    In summer, in a sheltered cove, the merman sits and grieves

    And Planet Earth cries out in pain, its heart ripped out by thieves.



Copyright on all my poems





By Josie Whitehead

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