Through a cold wintry night and a star studded sky,

A man with a mission is starting to sigh.

     He carries a list that exceeds all the rest,

     And he wears a red coat and warm hood of the best.


For what started to him as a worthwhile task,

With a small list of presents and tea in his flask,

     Has now become huge!  Oh, what’s to be done?

     At one time his job was most certainly fun.


His reindeer are scared of those large, noisy planes

And the man reassures them with a touch of the reins.

     The list that he carries - oh those millions of names -

     Has grown as has also the weight of those games.


No more do these children want small stockings filled -

A small treat from Santa to make them feel thrilled.

     They want so much more and say thank you much less

     And Santa feels sorry, as I’m sure you will guess.


He sighs, for it's certain this trip is his last,

But remembers with joy the good Christmases past.

     But with retirement for all in the world of today,

     There’s a vacancy now for a man with a sleigh.



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