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“Well, ho, ho, ho” said Santa Claus.

     “Now, who’s this little boy?”

“My name is Sammy Ramsbottom

     And I’ve come here for my toy."


“Well, have you been a good boy then

     And done what Mummy said?”

The start of all this questioning

     Filled poor Sam with dread.


In truth young Sammy Ramsbottom

     Had been an awful child

But when he thought of what he’d done,

     His eyes lit up - he smiled.


“Come here then Sammy Ramsbottom

     And sit on Santa’s knee.”

Well, sitting there poor Sam was stressed.

     Alas he did a wee.


It soaked through Santa’s nice red suit,

     And when it touched his skin,

The change in Santa’s countenance

       Made young Sammy grin.


Santa jumped up from his seat

     And through the door he fled,

For the colour of his face soon matched

     His scarlet coat of red.


Sam’s mother called the manager:

     “I want my money back!”

So to keep the peace he said to Sam –

     “Take TWO gifts from the sack.”


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