Christmas/New Year

This was one of 400 of my poems to be chosen by teachers right across West Yorkshire for publication in 2010.  I hope you enjoy it also.  Josie

The old year makes his exit now

    As the curtain gently falls.

Goodbye to sadness and to joy

    And to worries large and small.


He walked this earthly path with us

    Through seasons of the year.

He shared our days of happiness

    And those that caused us fear.


We welcomed him with pealing bells.

    He shared our lives with pride.

He saw arrivals in our world

    And stood by those who died.


He beheld our world in springtime

    And shared our summer days.

Then autumn came with golds and reds

    That turned our world ablaze.


December came with wintry winds

    And Christmas lights and cheer,

But this year knows it soon must leave

    And let in the new year.


His time on earth seemed very short

    And now he must depart

For the year has gone full circle round

    And a new year soon will start.



Copyright on all my poems 

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