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A Christmas peacock ruled our town

    For many countless years,

And he, and other Christmas lights,

    Were met each year with cheers.


That proud peacock bedazzled folk

    Who walked along the street,

But once the celebrations ceased

    His job was quite complete.


Packed in his box by council staff,

   He’d stay there for the year,

But when next Advent season came,

     He'd haughtily appear.


For certain he would be fetched out

     And once more be admired,

But some folk thought it might be best

    If peacock was retired.        


Last year he didn’t grace our town.

    Oh how we missed that bird! -

But much discussion showed the fact

    That new lights were preferred.


So now a million fairy lights

    Bedeck our town today,

And after Christmas, someone asked

    If these new lights might stay.


They shine out from the cherry trees

    That line our busy streets -

And a million tiny Christmas lights

    On summer nights look sweet!


Our bandstand also brightly shines

     With multi-coloured lights

And all these lights, seen from above,

    Shine like a diamond bright.


Now Ilkley, known as Bradford's gem,

    Outshines the stars above,

And we, who proudly boast of this,

    Speak of these lights with love.


But poor old peacock – what of him? -

    Oh, let me dry my eyes.

Has peacock joined celestial friends

     To floodlight Heaven's night skies?


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