Animal Poems 2 Story Poems 3

I’ll tell you a story to make you all smile

Of a clever young fox who used all his guile

    To outwit a goat who was less quick of wit -

    Well, utterly stupid, you’ll have to admit.


Foxy fell in a well and couldn’t get out,

And nobody heard his loud desperate shout.

    Well he bawled and he bellowed as none can deny

    And was noticed at last by a goat walking by.


From above he looked down at the fox in the well,

And how he had got there was not hard to tell.

    But the fox used his brain and said: “Oh I am fine.

    I am guarding the water here.   All of it’s mine!


The goat became angry and loud came his call:

“That water’s not yours.  It’s there for us all!

     Guarding that water’s for certain a sin,”

     And blinded by anger the goat then jumped in.


The fox jumped on his back and then out of the well,

And when hurrying off the goat heard him yell:

    “Don’t always believe the things that you’re told

    If you want, in your lifetime, to live till you’re old.


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By Josie Whitehead