The sun began setting, deep down in the sky,

Whilst a star shone down brightly from far up on high.

    The streets of this town were with strangers quite packed

    And their donkeys were laden with loads on their backs.


Poor Bethlehem's inns couldn’t take any more

And folk slept in their beds or upon the hard floor.

     The evening drew on and more people arrived

     And, with food and a drink, felt a little revived.


An innkeeper fastened his old stable door

And his animals drowsed and then quietly snored.

    The beasts were all tired and they shut their eyes tight

     And who would believe what would happen that night?


A little grey mouse quietly peeped from his hole

And, with everyone sleeping, he quietly stole

   To the few grains of food left behind on the floor,

   But, before he could eat, someone opened the door.


Then in came two people who’d travelled from far,

And the stable was lit by a very bright star.

     Everyone woke up early that first Christmas morn

    And they all stood nearby as a baby was born.


With interest they looked at this small sleeping stranger

Who noiselessly slept in  their very own manger.

     They watched as he slumbered upon their warm hay

     Which they willingly shared on this first Christmas Day.


And all that they had they most heartily shared

With this child, who from God, came to love and to care.

     And so we, like these creatures, could all play our parts

     If we shared with all people the love in our hearts.


Copyright on all my poems



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