For Everyone


By Josie Whitehead

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We know where it comes from, but where does it go –

      All that weight that we’ve slimmed out of sight?

Does it sink below ground and then bother the worms,

      Or just circle the moon day and night?


All those layers of fat we decided to lose.

     Pound by pound we were glad that they went.

Yet they must be in space and polluting our air,

     But I don’t think I gave my consent.


We’re told every day that our world’s heating up –

     That our planet can’t take any more –

But the weight that we’re losing contributes to that;

     It’s a fact that we shouldn’t ignore!


So enjoy your roast turkey, the trimmings as well,

     With a conscience that’s perfectly clear.

For by keeping your weight very close to your chest,

     You’ll be keeping the atmosphere clear.


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