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Don’t laugh at a giraffe

    With his head up in the sky,

For he’s thinking lofty thoughts

     As those clouds are floating by.


He contemplates the universe

      And he talks to passing birds,

But, with his very long, long neck,

     He looks a bit absurd.


Don’t laugh at a giraffe.

     He’s the tallest of our beasts

And it’s up there in the treetops

     That he has his mighty feasts.


His massive tongue can stretch to reach

     Those leaves high in the trees,

And with his eyes up in the sky

      I wonder what he sees?


Don’t laugh at a giraffe.

     He is such a friendly chap!

He doesn’t spend his day in bed

     But only takes a nap.


The problem is, if he lies down,

      He finds it hard to rise

And he doesn’t want a hungry lion

     To give him a surprise.


Don’t laugh at a giraffe!

     He is patient and he’s kind.

He’s peaceful and he’s gentle -

     Quite different to mankind.


But, if a nuisance lion attacks,  

      With a grin upon his face,

Giraffe’s the one who laughs the last

      By kicking him in space.


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Teachers and children chose this poem as one of almost 400 published in 2010.  I hope you like it.  Josie

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