Badgers are omnivorous –

    They’ll eat everything in sight.

For this reason Brock was sorry

    And was in an awful plight.


He’d found a tasty hedgehog

    That was lying on the ground,

And he didn’t tell his family

    What a yummy meal he’d found.


He’d almost eaten everything,

    Including spines and skin,

But when his family found him

    There were two spines in his chin.


“So what’s wrong with our brother now?

    It’s sad to hear him groan!”

“Please go away!  Don’t *badger me!”

    Cried Brock with a loud moan.


“You stupid badger,” Mother said,

    “No wonder you’re in pain.”

She pulled the first spine – out it came!

    And then she pulled again.


The second spine was stuck quite fast.

    At last that came out too.

His Mother said “I hope you’ve learned

    Just what you should not do.”


* Don’t badger me = don’t bother/hassle me.


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This is one of almost 400 poems which was chosen for publishing by teachers and children in schools across West Yorkshire in 2010.  (Nature Poems)

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