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He dives, he leaps and then glides through the sea.

The ultimate symbol of freedom is he.

     He’s not governed by time; in no-one’s employ

     And he shows to mankind his grace and his joy.


He’s streamlined, he’s sleek; his eyes sparkle with fun.

He sprays droplets of water that gleam in the sun.

     He doesn’t waste oil and he doesn’t use gas.

      He's not ruled by religion, by status or class.


Although he’s adapted to life in the sea,

Dolphins aren’t fish but mammals, like me.

     They’re sociable animals and live in a pod,

      But if they are angry, their heads start to nod.


He breathes through a blowhole on top of his head.

Whilst we net our catch, his tail does instead.

     He stuns fleeing prey with a tail that goes swish

     And then opens his mouth and down goes the fish.


They talk to each other with whistles and clicks  

And are perfect performers, so proud of their tricks.

     I hope you’ll be lucky and meet some one day

     For the memory of them long with you will stay.


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