Which people went to  Bethlehem?

     Why did they have to go?

How do you think they travelled there

     And was the journey slow?


Where did they find a place to rest

     And why choose such a place?

And which small child, upon that day,

      First showed his tiny face?


Who worked upon surrounding hills

      To safely guard their sheep?

What did they see to frighten them,

     Whilst they, their watch did keep?


A man in clothes all shining white

     Appeared up in the sky,

With massive wings upon his back

     Enabling him to fly.


Who was this messenger from God?

     What message did he bring?

And who then came to join this man

     And people heard them sing?


And then where did the shepherds go?

      What led them to the place

Where ox and ass, and little lambs

     Looked down upon his face?


Some other people travelled too

     Led also by the star.

Who were these people and did they

        Come from very far?


They met someone along the way,

     And what things did he say?

Who said: “Don’t travel back this route

     But come another way?”


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this quiz

     And your answers all were right,

And my wish is that you all will have

      A Christmas of delight.


Copyright on all my poems

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