There’s another Christmas coming!

     It isn’t long you know.    

The music jingles in the shops.  

    Just see the money flow!


The pace is hotting up quite fast

    And there's little time to think.

The shopping list gets longer

     And I'm always at the sink!


Now Christmas Day is nearly here.  

     The days are all too short.

What else have I forgotten?  

     Yes, the sherry and the port.


With only two more weeks to go

     I’ll decorate the cake.

I’ve cards to send, the gifts to buy,

    A few mince pies to bake.


Well Christmas Day’s arrived at last!

     I've survived the last few weeks:

The work, the queues, the parking,

     Not to mention my poor feet!


The Christmas meal has stood the test -

     The turkey and the pies -

And everyone has said "Well done!  

     Your pud should win a prize".


 Now Christmas day has come and gone.

      A new year is in view.

"I won't do quite so much next year"

     I say, but always do!



PS - - -  No I don't any more.  I don't have family to spend Christmas with any more.


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By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

This poem, and "Yes, It's Christmas Once Again" were the second and third poem I'd ever written, and I was actually amazed that it was chosen for publication.  Never in a million years, when I wrote it, did I think it would be published.  I do hope you like it.  Sorry, but the books are out of publication now, but you have it here.  Josie

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