Just walk along a Christmas street

    Stained gold with bright street lights,

Where people search for Christmas gifts

    And murmur with delight.


Reflected lights make pavements bright

    With colours, red and green -

Like coloured icicles they hang,

    Quite cheerful to be seen.


There’s a Christmas tree, where fairies sit

    And shiver in the rain.

They hang their heads and gaze below

    As rain runs down the drain.


They look inside the shops and see

    Some warm and cosy scenes

Where other fairies sit on shelves

    Quite happy, dry and clean.


Two little girls come to their tree:

    “Look - fairies on this tree!

They look so sad out in this rain

    Yet are pretty as can be.”


One little girl looks up and says:

    “I’m as certain as can be,

That the pretty fairy at the top

    Looked down and smiled at me.”


A happy Christmas children all.

    Enjoy your shopping sprees,

But don’t forget to wave your hands

    To the fairies on the trees.


Copyright on all my poems


*Published in 2010 (Celebrations - AMS Educational Publishing).

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Illustrated by my good Dutch friend, Ron Chin

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