The Christmas tree is gaily decked

     With decorations bright.

The coloured lights are then turned on.

      It’s such a lovely sight.


The angel at the top looks down -

      He does this year by year.

He gazes out across your room

     From his far up lofty sphere.


Christmas cards bedeck the room;

      The Christmas crib comes out

But, this home seems so strangely quiet,

      With no one else about.


No early morning cries are heard

     As children laugh and shout –

And the reason for this silence is:

      No children are about.


It’s almost time to go to church:

     ‘A happy Christmas, dear’ –

And you reply: ‘And to you, too,’

     But inside it is clear -  - -


With family gone you're now alone.

      You quietly close your door,

But remember that you’re not alone -

      You’re one of many more.


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Talking point:  What does your church do for people spending Christmas on their own?  Many churches arrange a Christmas lunch together.  What can you or your family do - or might your school open its doors for a cooked lunch for these people? What about those who are not just alone, but sleeping on the streets?  What is being done or should be done for these people - and, do you have any refugee children in your school? Can you do anything for these children during the Christmas holidays? Do we pride ourselves in Britain in being a hospitable nation?  Yes, I think we are - well, I hope we are.