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His mother called him Brian

    But his dad just called him *runt.

His siblings quickly learned to roar

      But he could only grunt.


'Now listen dear,' said Mother,

      'And copy what I do,

For if a lion cannot roar,

     They send him to a zoo.'


Poor Brian tried, and tried again

     But roar he just could not.

His father, feeling quite annoyed,

     Said: 'You’re a stupid clot.'


'So how will you communicate?'

      Asked Mum Lion in despair,

'For lions speak by roaring

      And grunts are just for bears.'


They took poor Brian to the vet:

    'Let’s see what he can do!'

He said: 'The best thing for this lion

     Is to send him to a zoo.'


So off went Brian to London Zoo

    Where no-one said: 'Please roar.'

While other lions must hunt for prey

     Brian gently snores.    Zzzzzzzz


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* runt = an animal that is small or stunted as compared with others of its kind.  Perhaps Brian was just small and a little listless (ie without energy).  Of cats and dogs: the run of the litter.


This poem was chosen by teachers and children in schools in West Yorkshire, and published in 2010 with almost 400 other poems. I hope you like it too.  Sorry, it's only available in the libraries now.  (Josie's Funny Poems).