The bull in the meadow was bellowing hard

    With a bawling and blustering blare,

But the cows thought the bull was just showing off

    And continued to graze without care.


His shouting, his screaming, his clamorous cry

    Continued by day and by night.

His vociferous roaring soon got on their nerves

    Whilst the mice and the birds fled in fright.


The farmer then noticed the terrible noise

    And he called in the vet to the scene:

The vet scratched his head and only could say:

    'It’s the noisiest bull that I’ve seen.'


'I remember he lived at the farm up the road

    And he had a particular friend.

I suggest that you buy her, to go with your herd

    And I’m sure that his roaring will end.'


So next week a new cow arrived in their field.

    She’d been bought from the neighbouring farm.

She’d endearing brown eyes, and a beautiful face,

    Was friendly and so full of charm.                                    


'Oh Maisie, my girlfriend,' the noisy bull said:

    'How I’ve missed you since we said goodbye.'

It was obvious that Maisie was pleased to see him

    And mooed with delight in reply.


Now peace reigns supremely, the pastures are quiet;

    There’s birdsong and flowers in the spring -

And everyone’s happy, especially the bull.

    Yes love’s truly a wonderful thing!!




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