THE ANGEL LADY:  This is to show that, taking the same subject and story, a poem can be produced in two very different ways.  You will see that I have written Angel Lady as a Petrarchan sonnet:  ie abba abba cde cde and with iambic pentameter, ie 5 iambic feet per line.


Here I have written it in iambic heptameter ie 7 iambic feet, but I've done, as is normal in English poetry, written it with four iambic feet on one line, and three on the next, as it would make an enormous line.  

Sea Index Angel Lady

I sat upon a windswept rock

    And gazed across the shore.

The stormy ocean flung its surf

    Amidst tumultuous roar.


A figure slowly came in view –

    A woman dressed in white -

With flowing hair of chestnut gold  -

     A vision of delight!


Threatening clouds above the beach

     Cast shadows on the sand;

Teasing sunbeams danced around

       As if at her command.


The sweetest song I ever heard

     Came drifting through the air.

 An angel would but sing as she -

     My love, with chestnut hair.


Another could not steal my heart

    As she had captured mine.

Her strangely mystic movements

    Made me feel quite lost in time.


Then as the thought of angel song

   Flashed quickly through my mind,

This celestial being disappeared

     From view of humankind.


I searched the beach my eyes transfixed,

   To glimpse her stunning form,

But this heavenly being left our world

    In the breakers of the storm.


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Compare this to my Petrarchan Sonnet - see note below poem.

By Josie Whitehead