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When Santa set out on his route

    One stormy Christmas Eve,

He checked his list, his parcels too

    And nothing did he leave.


He spends a lot of time you know

   Before this special night.

He boards his sleigh, taps on the reins

    And then he holds on tight.


Up and away went Santa Claus,

    Right up above the clouds -

And the efficiency of how he works

    Would make most people proud.


One night, however, things went wrong

   High up there in the sky

And it’s hard enough for that poor man

    To miss those planes up high.


A storm was sweeping round the world -

    A hurricane in fact -

And Santa battled through the wind

    With all those presents packed.


The sleigh was tossed from side to side;

    The reindeers?  Well you’ve guessed.

They tried their best to carry on

    But for certain they were stressed.


The load of presents - what of these?

    Well, it’s exactly as you feared.

They fell from Santa’s Christmas sleigh

    And quickly disappeared.


Next morning children went to see

    What presents they’d received,

And finding nothing - goodness me -

    Felt that they’d been deceived.


Then on the news they heard quite clear

    Of poor old Santa’s plight,

But the newscaster said: “Don’t you fret,

    We’ll bring your toys tonight.”



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